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Catch the replays below of our news-free, virus-free, virtual pop-up markets. Meet your high vibe small biz neighbors, support our local economy, and just hang out for some fun and aloha!

Friday, April 24, 2020
10:00am Hawaiʻi Time

This FREE virtual marketplace will be hosted LIVE on the
Boss Up Media Facebook Page. Click the button
below to RSVP and we'll see you there!


Here at Boss Up, we are a location-independent business. Working from home, online meetings, conference calls, virtual offerings...this is our norm. But here in Hawaiʻi, where we are based, we know that there are many local businesses that rely heavily or exclusively on their brick and mortar store, in-person events, and live interaction to showcase their work and connect with customers. 

With local community events, craft fairs, and stores closing, many small local businesses are really feeling it. As a way to support our local small business friends, we are hosting a virtual event to give them a platform to share about their businesses, products, and special offers.  

During March and April, we hosted weekly virtual pop-up markets to provide a space for our local vendors to showcase their products and connect with customers. Check out the replays below!

Our April 24th Market Vendors:


Our Next Virtual Pop-Up Market is in...









This event is hosted by Boss Up Media

Supporting small businesses through digital innovation.