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How to Create an Online Course in 7 Days

Are you ready to serve more people, change lives, establish yourself as an expert, and work less? We thought so. Creating an online course is hands down one of the best ways to monetize your gifts, create a recurring income stream, and work smarter not harder in your business. If you’ve been wanting to deliver what you know through a beautiful digital platform and experience, but have been stuck on the “how”, this is the course for you. Get ready to do what you love and get paid for it, baby!



🔺Get Clear on Your Big Vision 

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. In this course, you'll find the clarity and alignment you need to understand your Big Vision and design every day to get you closer to your dream life.

🔺How to Leverage an Online Course

Learn how you can use an online course to work smarter and more efficiently, to share your message, your service, and your solutions with those who need it most, and to grow your business.

🔺Your Offer

You'll walk away with a powerful offer to proudly share in your communities, on social media, to your email list, and in daily conversations. It's time to get your gifts, services, and solutions out to the people who need them most!

🔺Your Course Outline

Create a course outline that maximizes the results for your audience, showcases your expertise, and builds trust and brand loyalty for future courses, products, and services! 

🔺Building Your Course 

We'll walk you through how to build out your course and provide recommendations for platforms, graphics, copywriting, and video content.

🔺Taking Imperfect Action

Need a little accountability and support to take the action needed to get your course out to the world? Enjoy a training to help you to take inspired, imperfect action and create the course that you've been brewing!

🔺Email Marketing + List Building

Once you have your beautiful new course, you'll need to get it out to the people who need it most! We'll share our favorite email marketing and list building strategies with you so you can hit the ground running!

🔺Launch Strategy

"Build it and they will come" just doesn't work in the online space. Don't worry, we're laying the foundation for some of our favorite launch strategies so you can drive enrollments right out of the gate!

Kimi Morton and Pua Pakele + Cabot, founders of Boss Up Media, Boss Up Academy, and the Boss Up Academy Podcast, bring you a series of online business courses designed for badass entrepreneurs to learn the strategies to build and scale their businesses without the typical struggle and hustle of business ownership. Kimi and Pua empower amazing humans every day to work less, serve more, make more money, and create businesses and lives they love. Join the anti-hustle movement and BOSS UP!



The Ultimate Freebie to Boss Up Your Biz

Saddle up, partner! You've waited long enough to create that course you've been dreaming about. Jump into this FREE course and start making an impact TODAY!