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How to Create an Online Course in 7 Days (Part 1)

podcast Apr 30, 2019

Today’s episode is part 1 of a 3-day/3-part Boss Up Academy series on How to Create an Online Course in 7 Days! That’s right, Boss Up babes & bros - 7 freakin’ days! In this series, we’re going to show you that you have a course in you RIGHT NOW and that you have the resources and ability to get it out into the world, even if it feels overwhelming, difficult, or scary.

In this first training, we share why online courses are the BOMB and how they can create both time and money freedom for you. Then we tackle the big question that often gets people STUCK before they even get started: “What will I teach?”

Get your notebooks out and get ready to get motivated to launch your very own online course!

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