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The inside tech scoop on how building an online business just got easier

podcast Dec 24, 2019


In this week's Boss Up Academy podcast episode, we share all about how Kajabi has made it even easier to launch your online business and why it's still important to have the RIGHT support as you build and grow in 2020.

It's no secret that we love Kajabi. This is the digital media solution we recommend to all of our clients it's what we use for our own site, products, and membership. WE LOVE IT and well, we honestly didn’t think we could have fallen any more in love...BUT...here we are giddy as schoolgirls with hearts for eyes 😍 because Kajabi has blown our minds yet again!!!!!!!

We are over-the-moon excited over here as we dig into all the new features Kajabi has released and in this week's episode, we tell you all about what's cool, new, and awesome. Lots of exciting news for anyone looking to build an online business!

In fact, it's safe to say that tech-wise, it's going to continue to get easier and easier to launch a site, course, or membership site. And yet, while the barrier to entry might be getting lower tech-wise, we talk about how strategy, accountability, and mindset are vital components that can't be ignored when it comes to bossin' up your business and sharing your gifts with the world.

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Podcast intro by Tyler Hood http://tyler-hood.com/

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