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How to Avoid Feast or Famine in Your Business

podcast Nov 12, 2019


There are two sides to your business: attracting your people and serving them. But has this ever happened to you? You focus all your energy on attracting people to serve and it WORKS! So you serve your heart out but then realize you were so busy serving them that you forgot to keep doing the things that helped those people find you, so then you have to HUSTLE to attract more. You attract more, get busy serving them and then realize you did it again. AND you have to hustle AGAIN. 
If you can relate to this kind of feast or famine, you're not alone. This is one of the major reasons people end up hustling, feeling frustrated and even defeated in their business. In this episode, we talk about strategies to work IN and ON your business at the same time for more consistent flow of leads, clients, creativity, and cash!  ⁠

Kimi + Pua


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