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How to Record Content for your Online Course

podcast Oct 22, 2019

You have an amazing online course in mind! You know exactly what you're going to teach and share! You're fired up! You're ready! But when it comes time to record...oh no, you feel STUCK. You've never done this before and so the questions start swirling in your brain. What equipment do I need? Do I need a mic? What software? Where do I get this stuff? What's the best? How much is this going to cost? Ackkk! Never fear! We've been there and we guide our clients through this all the time. Listen in we'll get you out of your head and back into SERVICE because the truth is, you probably have everything you need RIGHT NOW to get your course content in front of those that need it! 

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Podcast intro by Tyler Hood http://tyler-hood.com/

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