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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Facebook Groups

podcast Oct 01, 2019

Are you using Facebook groups for your business? Are you thinking about creating one or more than one for your biz? We confess, we have a love/hate relationship with FB groups and this week's episode is our real and raw take on this platform as a business tool.

When it comes to FB groups, we love the community-building aspect, the way they can offer amazing support for your people, and the convenience of them being in a place that most people already are. We don't love that they are surrounded by distractions and CAN be overwhelming, inauthentic, and sometimes pretty icky. 

But remember, you don't have to totally love something like Facebook in order to leverage it in your business, especially if something like a Facebook group can help you serve your tribe in a powerful way.

Listen in as we share why we're creating a FB group for our new Boss Up Academy membership AND discuss our tips for showing up in your FB group (and other people's) with integrity, focus, and authenticity. 


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