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Masters of Digital Feng Shui

Our business journey and powerful partnership began in 2015. Following our shared desire to create more freedom, service, and purpose in our lives, we started with a little podcast that grew into a coaching business, online academy, and digital marketing agency based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
We’ve been geeking out on all things digital media for as long as we can remember and nothing brings us more joy than applying and sharing what we learn with our clients and students. In our many years of learning, teaching, coaching, and creating, there is one thing we know for sure - creating the business and life of your dreams requires equal parts inner and outer work.
We need both soul alignment AND strategy to feel truly fulfilled. We may have a meaningful mission, but without strategy and structures in place, we can’t amplify our message and impact. Sales funnels and marketing blueprints are essential, but without clarity, confidence, or joy in our heart, they will only lead to burnout and misery.  
That is why, at Boss Up Media, we help heart-led individuals and organizations increase their impact in the world by bringing the humanity back to the digital world. We focus on both the inner and outer work it takes to master and leverage this new world of digital marketing, online sales, and global communication. We empower our clients and our students to leverage technology to create more ease, joy, and human connection in their lives.

Kimi Morton

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Kimi Morton, a.k.a. the "Unicorn Queen", is the co-founder of Boss Up Media, lead business coach, copywriter, social media master, and growth and operations specialist. This jiu-jitsu loving coach, master wordsmith, and mom of two amazing kids, loves coaching digital media clients to infuse productivity and automations into their businesses so they can work smarter, not harder, connect with their audiences, and live lives they absolutely love!
As it is for most people, the path to Kimi’s true purpose was a long and winding one. From managing the art business and medical care of local artist Peggy Chun who died of ALS in 2008, to the opening, operations, and eventual closing an art gallery in Downtown Honolulu, to serving as Chief Marketing Mom for Moms In Hawaii, then to fitness & nutrition coaching at Egan’s Training Center; Kimi finally felt at home in her heart when she brought all of her skills and life experience together to create Boss Up Media with her business partner Pua.
This gritty, kind-hearted, multi-talented, and relentlessly motivated mom of two is now on a mission to help people love themselves fiercely. As someone who “spent decades feeling busy, being almost happy, and caring way too much about what people think”, Kimi is joyously committed to helping others reclaim their time, their joy, and their badassery. 
Kimi’s best life includes, but is not limited to, lots of freedom freedom, writing, biohacking, Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, unicorns, belly laughs, family time, good food, good wine, and good fun (with ample rest and reflection in between). 

Pua Pakele & Cabot

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Pualena Pakele and Cabot, or "Pua" for short, is a creative, rebellious, fiery, spunky visionary who loves digital design, continuous learning, and freedom. She is Boss Up Media's co-founder, lead designer, and oversees customer fulfillment.
With her adventurous spirit, curious mind, and renewed thirst for learning and personal improvement, Pua embarked upon a journey of diverse educational and vocational experiences. From an overseas role as the International Marketing US-China Liaison for SMH International in Shanghai, to marketing for Yelp Honolulu, to managing the Hawaii State market and coordinating the national graduate studies events for Kaplan Test Prep (while earning an MBA), coordinating bi-annual wedding planning workshops for The Wedding Cafe, to fitness and nutrition coaching at Egan’s Training Center, Pua has dabbled in various roles across multiple industries. Through this broad range of experiences, Pua realized that her heart, passion, and purpose aligned with small businesses, business growth strategy, and entrepreneurship. 
Pua now joyously uses her incredibly wide skill set to help people step out of their comfort zones, build thriving businesses, and achieve lives they never thought were possible. 
Pua is as fun and unique as the “and” in her name. She’s an early riser that loves pineapples, all the animals, dancing hula, and spending time in the ocean. In her spare time, Pua serves as the Vice Chair of the Blue Planet Foundation's Young Professional Ambassador Board supporting Hawaii's clean energy future, and co-founded The Wild Aloha Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization designed to support protection, rescue, and rehabilitation, efforts for endangered animals around the world. 

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